Why an AI-Powered Supply Chain Supercluster?

The Canadian supply chain provides almost a million jobs and makes up 10% of our GDP. Supply chains include the planning, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery of products or services from the point of origin to consumption in a range of sectors. Supply chain efficiency is a critical value creation leaver for firms, suppliers, distributors, and consumers. Supply chains are key to growth, competitiveness, and sustainability. As the backbone of economy and trade, they propel all industries.

Supply chains are being disrupted by digital technologies and AI

The massive amounts of data generated by supply chain activities can create enormous business value. AI will be critical for supporting human decision-making through the use of automated algorithms and applications such as demand forecasting, product customization, pricing, flows optimization, automated operations and traceability.

Now is the time: Canada has to leverage its leading position in AI to strengthen our economy, and bring its impressive R&D achievements to the field. Canada needs the supply chain of the future, powered by AI, to prepare for impending disruptions.

SCALE.AI will bolster Canada’s leadership in AI and data science, foster industrial collaboration, and shape the new global supply chain platform.

SCALE.AI will develop future talent to generate and use AI-powered technologies. We will lay the foundation for a more innovative, competitive and inclusive Canadian economy.

Our vision is a truly intelligent supply chain, adding tremendous value to all sectors of the economy through five comprehensive value propositions:

Capacity Sustainability Responsiveness Dependability Interoperability
Throughput Cost Speed Tracability Partnerships
Diverse talent Waste Time to market Security Intl. standards


Headquartered in Montreal and centered in Quebec and Ontario, the supercluster’s impact will be pan-Canadian, thanks to the nation-wide networks of our members. It will have a strong global dimension by shaping the global standards for intelligent supply chains.