Our Technology Roadmap

SCALE.AI will transform Canada’s supply chains through the wide adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Next-generation supply chains will produce massive amounts of data and enable real-time decision making. This supercluster will position Canada as a global leader in the digitization of supply chains and enable wide diffusion of AI in businesses of all sizes.

SCALE.AI will focus on SC challenges that have restricted growth and productivity for decades: demand planning/forecasting; procurement; inventory management; warehouse optimization; pricing; and sustainability.

Solutions will integrate emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, mobility, cloud, robotics and big data. This will enable real-time holistic decision making to effectively manage uncertainty and risk. The strategy will be implemented in two streams.

Stream 1: adopt and scale existing SC solutions supplied by members to drive immediate benefits.

  • Drive towards common standards and processes and aggregate demand in essential areas
  • Facilitate connections between partners and SC/AI/digital providers to develop integrated solutions and accelerate adoption
  • Drive near-term benefits for:
  • Vertical sector partners, connecting multiple service providers to deliver integrated SC solutions.
  • Horizontal providers, channeling demand and standardizing/rationalizing requirements to broaden addressable markets.

Stream 2: invest in next-generation AI-powered SC building blocks to create a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage for Canadian firms by developing foundational AI-based technology platforms, and enabling firms to quickly build innovative products and services to tackle system-wide issues (e.g., demand forecasting) as well as firm-level challenges (e.g., warehouse optimization). Key components will include:

  • End-to-end and point-to-point operations solutions
  • Procurement marketplace
  • Integrated and secure data exchange platforms
  • Infrastructure to generate and ensure dependability of data

Technology roadmap with two streams