Our industrial partners have committed $700M to collaborative and incremental innovation projects to be implemented by 2022.

They form an industry-led ecosystem which achieves scale (SCALE.AI SC partners generate ~$120B in Canadian revenue) and combines the relevant technological and functional capabilities that will maximize the synergies and the impact of the supercluster. The partnership is made of, as of Dec. 2017:

  • 78 Firms of all sizes: 21 very-large, 19 large, 13 mid-size and 25 small firms
  • 28 enablers including incubators, VC funds, financial institutions, professional associations, provincial governments, consultants
  • World-class research capabilities of IVADO and University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering, and a national network of 12 best-in-class research institutions


All sectors of the economy can benefit from intelligent supply chains. We are focusing on three verticals which represent the largest opportunity for the Canadian economy:

  • Consumer goods & retail
  • Industrial goods & manufacturing
  • Infrastructure & construction

Two horizontals sectors will support the verticals in implementing AI-powered solutions and enhance their offering:

  • Digital & AI
  • Transports & supply chains services


SCALE.AI represents a unique convergence of three world-leading strengths:

  • Dense spectrum of industrial players, connected to local/global economies
  • World-class centres of excellence and innovation-focused players
  • Unique concentration of research and technological leadership in AI, OR and Industry 4.0

Industry Partners

Academia Sector

Non Profit Organizations