On February 15, 2018, we were designated as a federal government Innovation Supercluster Initiative.

An industry-led consortium that will shape a new global supply chain platform, bolster Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence (AI), and accelerate industry adoption of enabling technologies through collaborative and incremental projects.

SCALE.AI (Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence.AI) has been incorporated and is now designated as an Innovation Supercluster Initiative.

" Integrating artificial intelligence into supply chain management will enable Canadian companies to increase their competitive advantage. "

— Louis Roy, President of OPTEL GROUP, Consortium Co-Chair

SCALE.AI will offer a new approach to innovation that will unleash the potential of Canada’s economy.

This AI-Powered Supply Chains Consortium will focus on four key progress gaps or issues identified as impediments to the full-scale adoption of intelligent supply chain.

All sectors of the economy can benefit from intelligent supply chains. We are focusing on three verticals which represent the largest opportunity for the Canadian economy.

An industry-led consortium that is now committed to collaborating on innovative projects that will bolster Canada’s economy.

Over 78 Canadian companies, 28 business associations, and 12 Canadian academic institutions have joined forces in support of the technology advances possible within the consortium.

" This project mobilizes the business community as it will foster collaboration between companies of all sizes and connects them with academic and research institutions to take innovation further, faster. "

— Hélène Desmarais, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the Centre d'Entreprises et d'Innovation de Montréal; Chairperson of Board of HEC Montréal, Consortium Co-Chair

AI is a collective term for computer systems that can sense their environment, think, learn, and take action in response to what they’re sensing and their objectives.Forms of AI in use today:

Automated intelligence: Automation of manual/cognitive and routine/nonroutine tasks
Assisted intelligence: Helping people to perform tasks faster and better
Augmented intelligence: Helping people to make better decisions
Autonomous intelligence: Auto decision making without human intervention

" Canada’s future as a responsive exporter will depend on how many enterprises from different sectors can cooperate in digitizing their business operations -  the importance of Quebec and Ontario leading a national agenda to prepare Canadian industry for major disruptions in the global supply chains cannot be overstated. "

— Pearl Sullivan, Dean of Engineering, University of Waterloo

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